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Yoga Retreats & Workshops at Sherkin North Shore


Sherkin North Shore is the perfect location for your next Yoga Retreat. When you get on the ferry you automatically leave your everyday worries behind. Our Yoga Studio couldn’t be any closer to the ocean. Find your inner Yogi surrounded by water and the wild and beautiful landscape of West Cork. Many of our retreats have outdoor sessions at one of the spectacular beaches nearby.

Enjoy healthy home cooked food and a warm sociable atmosphere.  Each yoga teacher brings their unique style to North Shore, depending on their outlook and training.

A typical Retreat:


Arrive at 4 O’ Clock and settle in! Evening Class to get things started, followed by a healthy home cooked meal.


Wake up to a Beach Yoga Session before breakfast, enjoy a meditation session before lunch. Have a break after lunch and come back for your next class at 4 which will bring you up to Dinner. Enjoy an Outdoor Fire and watch the sunset over Roaringwater bay as you reflect on your day of self-nourishment.


Wake up to a session on the beach followed by a swim before breakfast. Have some time after breakfast to reflect on your weekends work with your Teacher. Have Lunch and make your way back to the Ferry to return to the mainland after a weekend of relaxation and healthy yoga and meditation.

Combined with beautiful walks, swimming and quiet time, the Sherkin yoga retreat leaves you feeling peaceful and hoping to return.


“Incredible. Home far away from home. Did not know what I was in for when I took the ferry and could not believe my eyes and ears and taste buds. I really do not want to leave and will be back for sure. Kathy, Mike, Trish, thank you for the warm welcome.” (little heart) Arita 2018.

Upcoming Retreats

Amy Russell Yoga Sherkin Island Retreat June Weekend 4th and 5th Confirmed

Art & Writing Workshops

Well-known artists and writers have run dedicated workshops at North Shore, providing hands-on experience, exploring materials, personal skills, mixed media, drawing, painting and writing. 

These workshops, set right by the sea, allow participants to explore their skills in a magnificent atmosphere which inspires creativity, the sharing of ideas, and incredible freedom of thought.

Naturally, the experience is also very sociable, as participants share healthy home cooking and fireside chats.

Art Retreats to be confirmed 2021


‘Beautiful and peaceful location with amazing sunsets within a short walking distance of two spectacular sandy beaches, perfect location for a Glampsite’ Denis 2019