What People Say About Us

Sherkin North Shore provides a unique and rich experience.

“Incredible. Home far away from home. Did not know what I was in for when I took the ferry and could not believe my eyes and ears and taste buds. I really do not want to leave and will be back for sure. Kathy, Mike, Trish, thank you for the warm welcome.” (little heart) Arita 2018.

“Wonderful hosts, such generous hospitality, good rooms, fabulous home-cooked foods, they really go the extra mile to make you feel at home. I want to come back, it has been fantastic. Thank you for such a warm welcome.x” Becca (2019)

“Throughout my travels, both international and national, I have never experienced greater hospitality. The food and friendliness have been second to none. I will spread the word of this place.” Mark, 2018

“What a place! My 4th visit to Sherkin North Shore. Love it here. Hospitality and food exceptional. tranquillity and relaxation, no better place. It is like a home from home. Cannot wait for my next visit, and kudos to Mick for amazing, wonderful food. Can’t wait to return.” Martin 2018

“As ever, a unique week in a unique place. Not only the food, drink and hospitality, but the stories, songs, conversation and depth of engagement. There is no better place to run a course for a group of creative explorers. Thanks, and blessings.” Paul, 2019

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